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“When I think about the founder of the Black Nurse Entrepreneurs group, there’s one word that comes to mind and that word is….IMPACT.

You see we all have a chance everyday to make an IMPACT on someone.

Someone out there needs to see, hear and bear witness to your gifts, your ideas and your desires.  When you listen to your inner voice and take action, you are creating IMPACT.

This growing pipeline of nurse entrepreneurs has been the catalyst of nurses growing six figure businesses.  That’s IMPACT.

Tina M. Payne, MSN-Ed, RN

CEO, Grace Health Scrubs & Tina M. Payne Consulting


IMPACT ACADEMY is dedicated to providing the best resources for black nurses interested in entrepreneurship.  Our academy content experts are powerhouse industry leaders trusted with the best knowledge.

IMPACT ACADEMY houses the best resources for building, growing and scaling your business.


What you state to yourself is one of the biggest difference makers. Learn how mindset helps you in business.


It’s not enough to create your product or service – you’ve got to let your audience know about it!


Investing is one way to add a revenue stream. Learn how to start investing smartly so your money works for you!


Learn who your products/services appeal to convert your defined audience to customers.


How do you move your business idea to reality? Learn foundational steps to establish your business.


Make no mistake about it – money matters. Learn financial basics & ways to obtain business funding.


Learn the ins and outs of what is considered intellectual property & how to protect your original content.


Learn to distinguish your business & business values to your customers through brand creation & recognition.

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This is YOUR business…and you cannot build a business by only reading about it

Engage in the provided course material to actively building your business. Choose the information you need in the IMPACT Academy to create your own learning experience. 

Become an expert

As a nurse, you are already an expert in your field. Supplement your existing knowledge with the business acumen needed to create, grow, and sustain your endeavor. Take courses in the IMPACT Academy to translate your expertise into values your audience desires.

Achieve your goals

Success is not a secret.

You CAN move beyond dreaming about your goals to actualizing your business! Use the content throughout Black Nurse Entrepreneurs IMPACT Academy to unlock your Business Boss potential!

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