How to Start and Successfully Grow a CLIA Waived Lab


CLIA Waived labs are the simple, easy and routine labs that we perform regularly with low-risk of error. They don’t require a lot of supervision or extensive training and are approved by the FDA.Β  These labs have been around for years but have most recently gotten a lot of attention due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this 2-Hour Masterclass, we take a deep dive into what it takes to launch and maintain your successful CLIA Waived Lab business. Included are topics such as:

🌟Getting started
🌟How to find supplies
🌟Documentation, Policies/Procedures
🌟How to market
🌟Tips and Tricks to the trade
🌟And how to get on-going support

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand how to launch and maintain a successful and lucrative CLIA Waived Lab.

Topics for this course

2 Lessons02h 30m

The Masterclass?

2-Hour Masterclass discussing starting a successful CLIA Waived Lab.
The Masterclass Video & Resources02:30:00


If you reside in Texas, this is an instructional video to explain the process for submitting your COVID tests results to the state's website.

About the instructor

Alvionna Brewster has been a registered nurse since 2005. Throughout her career, she has primarily specialized in cardiovascular care, health maintenance and preventative medicine. Alvionna currently holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing Education and is an international speaker, author, educator and consultant. Alvionna is the founder and CEO of Black Nurse Entrepreneurs, the best networking organization to network, empower and encourage entrepreneurship amongst black nurses. She is, also, the owner of ABundant Seeds Health Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to providing health and wellness resources to individuals and companies. She is passionate about the success of nurses, helping patients to successfully understand and manage their disease processes and the advancement of African-Americans. She, also, loves to mentor, encourage and just motivate people to live their best lives.
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