“I am thankful for this platform that has allowed me to learn, grow, find a likeminded tribe, and stay on top of what is new in black entrepreneurship!” 

 Michelle Greene Rhodes

BNE has been a source of encouragement and inspiration as I’ve launched multiple businesses.”

Bridgette Jenkins

“BNE has been an intricately valuable resource for nurses over the United States. It has allowed nurses to connect to partner, organized, and launch in various projects.”

LaTonya Mims

“BNE is a dynamic platform for us nurses in business to collaborate and network together. I have made valuable contacts and long-term relationships through BNE. I feel like it is a place where I can share my expertise and learn from others as well.”

Victoria Randle

“Awesome group of nurses with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

Sharon Addison

The BNE community has been an important part of my business growth, as I have made some amazing connections with other nurse leaders. I have learn a great deal from the community, and often apply the gained knowledge to my own business.

Tammy Lewis

“BNE is very professional and purposeful in its quest to assist black nurse entrepreneurs be successful.”

Leia  Osbourne


“My only group to use when sharing info on events and meeting other like minded women with similar goals. BNE Rocks.”

Tamara Neely

“I’m a proud member of BNE; the daily inspiration of nursing in business helped me to know that nothing is impossible.”

Drumeka Rollerson

“BNE and it’s founder are one of a kind.  An organization built with a true desire to motivate, empower and encourage nurses of color to reach for their dreams of entrepreneurship. BNE is a safe place to learn, explore and share. I’m very grateful for this group of amazing professionals, most of all Alvionna.”

Dina Shepherd

“BNE is a great platform to network with other black owned businesses in our healthcare profession. Members provide valuable information that is helpful and the opportunities BNE provides are unlimited. I’m glad to be apart of the organization.”

Renee Dyson

BNE is more than a social media group, it’s a movement rooted in true sisterhood, fellowship, and support.

Neece Yms

“I have established powerful relationships with other Nurse Entrepreneurs just to support in the journey and I’ve been able to find a resource or be a resource for those struggling with branding… I love it here!”

Meisha Wofford

“BNE has been a place that allowed me to validate a variety of ideas. I got a chance to see where I can help others, and where I needed to grow myself. I often thank Alvionna for creating a community that allows for discussion of both uncomfortable and encouraging topic and push us out of our comfort zone and into the world of new possibilities!”

Amelia Roberts

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