In 2015, the vision was born to create a very unique community that would connect black nurses in order to mentor, uplift and encourage one another.  It started with a simple social media platform where nurse entrepreneurs shared their stories of how they got started.  Black nurses who were interested in entrepreneurship felt comfortable reaching out and obtaining resources that they may have not gotten elsewhere.  The popularity and interest grew quickly as more and more black nurses became aware of how to use their degrees and medical expertise.  The IMPACT that BNE has had within the black community is tangible.  As we continue to grow, we strive for professional excellence in providing the best resources for black nurse entrepreneurs worldwide.



To merge black culture with the field of nursing to encourage entrepreneurship.


To be the premier organization that provides the best resources for black nurses to launch, build and grow healthy entrepreneurial endeavors worldwide.


CULTURAL HONOR: We come together to provide the best resources for our communities while collaborating with other ethnicities for the betterment of healthcare.  We don’t discriminate against other cultures, but instead we appreciate and honor each culture’s uniqueness and contributions to society.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: We believe the best way to be the most effective leader is by first serving those whom we lead.

MORALITY: We believe that it is imperative to carry out business practices and nursing care that are morally and ethically appropriate.

CHANGE AGENT: We believe that we are powerful men and women of color, and that we posses unique qualities and skills that give us the opportunities to create and evoke effect change in healthcare.

SUPPORT: We recognize the importance of supporting our fellow sisters and brothers through their journeys of career advancement and entrepreneurship. This is best achieved when we commit to providing assistance, resources, mentorship and encouragement for everyone’s success.