Quisha Umemba

Quisha Umemba brings over 20 years of diverse experience to her roles as a Registered Nurse, Public Health Consultant, and Entrepreneur. After leaving a six-figure corporate salary to start her own public health consulting business, Quisha quickly learned that it is possible to navigate the intersection of purpose and profit while addressing health and social issues. In fact, that’s the subtitle of her latest book. Quisha’s guiding principle is “purpose-driven, profit-focused” and she believes that public health professionals are uniquely positioned to serve the field of Public Health through entrepreneurship leading the way for public health innovation. Quisha is the CEO of Umemba Health LLC, a public health workforce development consulting and training firm. She also extends her expertise through QU Consulting to teach “helping professionals” to start, grow, and scale a profitable public health consulting business that makes impact and income.