Permission to Be Proud
Alvionna Brewster
Published: June 10, 2021

A few weeks ago, one of our members, Amelia Roberts, posted a meme that mentioned “You gotta hang around winners, so that your wins don’t sound like bragging (author unknown).”  In true BNE fashion, this post was very well received and very popular.  Amelia asked me why did I feel like it resonated with so many people.  I explained it to her like this….. “I think it gives us permission to be proud of what we do.  We all have greatness in us but sometimes are afraid to discuss for fear of appearing cocky or arrogant.  Even with me, you don’t see me promote myself a lot of which I get in trouble for.  But I never want to be that person that people think I’m just in it to get people’s money or to make me look good. I genuinely want all of us to shine.  So, creating a space where we feel comfortable to celebrate those wins speak to why people relate to the post.”  Amelia was so inspired by the post we later joined members on the stage in the Clubhouse app and went live in BNE to discuss this topic.  As people came up to speak, it became obvious that this topic extends even further than just the surface. 

Just remember, our mindset and perception have a lot to do with this.  How we view, process, interpret and utilize information is huge.  Normalizing success, abundance, peace, balance, freedom and prosperity are imperative.  Speaking life and success over our lives, businesses and careers is a good thing.  Matter of fact, it is a great thing that is necessary.     

Fortunately, BNE is a safe place.  The BNE table looks differently than some of the other tables that you may have sat at.  I want you to feel comfortable to share your wins here in our community. It isn’t bragging, it is building. We want to celebrate and support each other along this journey. The beauty of this community is that we are made up of like-minded individuals. We recognize that a win for you is a win for the culture. Sharing your accomplishments highlights how good God has been to you. We all need to see what the journey looks like. Trust me….it will motivate, bless and inspire someone along the way. And plus, you just never know who is watching you. Being open, honest and candid just might place you in a bigger room and at a larger table. Let’s normalize happiness, success, confidence and winning.  We owe it to our ancestry to be great.  They paid a horrendous price so that each general could be better.

Until next time, keep shining and keep grinding. I give you permission to be proud of your journey.  You are worth it!!!

Alvionna Brewster

MSN-Ed, RN. RN since 2005. CEO of Black Nurse Entrepreneurs & ABundant Seeds Health Solutions. Two-time author. Educator. International Speaker. Consultant.


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