Know Your Business
Alvionna Brewster
Published: April 23, 2020

Know your business. This seems simple…… right? How could one not know something that they’ve created after many years spent praying and prepping for this moment. Would you believe that this is actually true? Some people are so caught up with the fine details and a lack of patience that they forget to have an intimate conversation with their business. So, what does that mean? It means that some people haven’t got a clue about what their business is, what it represents and who it is targeted towards simply because they haven’t spent enough time getting to know the business themselves.

Here is a perfect example. A few years ago, a lady approached me about her “business.” She was into making crafts and wanted to win me over as a customer. She had a few pieces with her that I looked over and liked, but I wasn’t wanting to purchase at the moment. I was, however, interested in connecting with her at a later time and asked her some very specific questions. I quickly realized that she didn’t have a website, no contact information, no social media page and no pictures to even show me her other products. She was frazzled, unorganized and not prepared. Bless her heart. I think she just wanted to make and sell her crafts, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, don’t make the mistake of marketing a business that you can’t even speak to.

Remember to ask yourself….what is it that I want my customers to know about the services or products that I provide? Why should a person invest their hard-earned money in me? Being able to speak about your business on a moment’s notice is crucial. Opportunities are all around us and you want to be ready to speak about what you do at any given time. Being prepared shows your confidence and your eagerness to satisfy your customer.

I would like to give you 3 Cs that can help jumpstart this process:

*** Get comfortable with having general conversation with a multitude of people. Be able to talk to everybody, especially your target market. Most people will be generally interested in what you offer, especially if you appear posed, confident and interesting. Communication is not always easy. It takes practice and preparation. Being able to effectively communicate builds confidence. Create an elevator pitch for which, in a short amount of time, you can easily tell people what your business is, what problem it solves and how people can contact you.

*** Invest in a good business coach. A business coach is very valuable and worth the extra investment. Oftentimes when starting a business, you will be overwhelmed and consumed with a lot of information. Sometimes the pathway is confusing. A coach can navigate you in the right direction for success providing you with the necessary tools to exceed. You will likely become much better at executing your plan, marketing your business and speaking about it with confidence.

*** And lastly, be committed to your vision. Only you are aware of the vision that God has blessed you with. Be dedicated to putting forth the effort and commitment to making your vision a reality. If accountability is what you need, then write your vision down or get an accountability partner. Do whatever it takes to be successful. Be patient with yourself. Results take time and dedication. Be committed to truly learning. Even after you have “made it,” a commitment to learning will only make your business stronger.

Just remember…Spend the necessary time needed to confidently speak to and market your business with ease. Your business depends on it!!

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Alvionna Brewster

MSN-Ed, RN. RN since 2005. CEO of Black Nurse Entrepreneurs & ABundant Seeds Health Solutions. Two-time author. Educator. International Speaker. Consultant.


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