General Questions

BNE is the PREMIER organization for black nurses who are interested in launching, building and growing their entrepreneurial endeavors worldwide. Our mission is to merge black culture with the field of nursing to encourage entrepreneurship. 

Our membership is the best way that you can enjoy all of the benefits that BNE has to offer. BNE Elite is the epitome of empowerment and strategic business acumen. We’re here to elevate you from a nurse with a side hustle or idea to a full-fledged business tycoon though visibility, networking, masterminding, accountability and much more.
Becoming a BNE Elite member is easy. Just go to and sign-up. We will send you further communication/information and add you to our Elite private group.
The FREE FB group provides general business education and networking. The BNE Elite membership is tailored to getting you quicker results in your business through the exclusive offerings that we have.

Membership Benefits

We offer discounts on our classes, courses, merchandise and events.

Attending our meetings and staying connected with us are the best ways to stay accountable and on task. Our membership meetings serve as a place to get instant feedback or valuable tips from other Elite members. Staying connected with us helps her to know how we can best serve you.

Our members enjoy the ability to go live in the group, post advertising content, add their events to the calendar, do podcast interviews, participate in online and in-person events, list their business in our directory and book in the bookstore, be featured in our emails and more.

These things are highly important and deeply encouraged. Our membership group meets weekly to discuss multiple aspects of business. We also get together to attend online and in-person events which helps to further strengthen our bond and grow our businesses.


Depending on the level that you choose will depend on the cost. Currently there are 4 options available. The Yearly option comes with a deeper savings. Visit our membership page to learn more:

Because our membership is reasonably priced, we do not currently offer any installment or scholarships. However, these may be offered during special events or giveaways.

There currently is a No-Refund Policy. If there was an error on our part, we will reach out to you to correct any issues privately.

Memberships are automatically renewed monthly or yearly depending on which level you pick. If you are interested in switching levels or you wish to cancel, you must submit this to us in writing via email at

You can update your card by logging into our membership portal and following the directions there (  If you have questions or need help, you can email us at .

Technical Support

You can reset your password by going to Under Membership>Log In>Click Lost Password

Feel free to reach out to us via email at or send us a message through our website chatbot. .

Community Guidelines

Our current guidelines are listed in the Members Only Portal. Log into the website to read them
Feel free to reach out to us via email at or send us a message through our website chatbot. You can also flag inappropriate posts within the community that will automatically sent to the admin team.

Business Development

Absolutely! We have events and/or discussions monthly and you can also access our course list by visiting IMPACT Academy at
The BNE Elite membership is rich in possibilities. There are already many ways to host your content within the membership. If you have some other ideas, let’s have a conversation. Be sure to email us at or send a message via our chatbot on our website.