Empowering Black Nurses to live up to their FULL POTENTIAL
Alvionna Brewster
Published: April 23, 2020

There has been no better time in history than the present for black nurses to live out our full potential. So many of us have gone to college and obtained our nursing degrees. We proudly display our credentials behind our names using almost every letter in the alphabet. But I will ask you at what cost? Many nurses are broken down financially, physically, mentally and emotionally. In some ways, the harsh reality is that healthcare has a way of expecting nurses to give their all while receiving little in return. Long shifts, inappropriate ratios and unsafe conditions take their toll. Not to mention, the underlying racism and inequality that still persists.

The corporate mentality will have you believing that you have made it once you have a fancy degree and are making a decent salary with great benefits. Unfortunately, this mentality can be stagnating. It sets you up for complacency and a mediocre mindset of which I want to encourage you to avoid. This doesn鈥檛 mean that I support or am encouraging you to perform your work duties at a subpar level. I am simply suggesting that you work twice as hard building and maturing your potential to the full extent.

You are likely a first-generation nurse or you come from a long-line of nurses. Either way, you have more opportunities than ever before to be great. The duty and responsibility of the black nurse comes with a little extra. We should be creating new businesses and opportunities that focus on empowering and uplifting our people. If the example you are looking for is not there, create it! Be the example that you want to see in a world that needs to hear your voice. I am a firm believer that God has instilled within us exactly what we need to be great. This greatness gives us the ability to do things that have never been done before.

We represent generations of people who did not trust the healthcare system because of the mistreatment, the lies and the unethical practices. Our responsibility is more than just passing meds and taking vital signs. It is our duty to live up to our full potential. We are simply too brilliant and too smart not to take advantage of being at the forefront of an evolving healthcare system. This call to duty extends past the four walls of a hospital building, but into the minds, hearts and communities of each citizen.

Living out your full potential doesn鈥檛 have to be hard. It may include:

路 advocating for sufficient healthcare for everyone in this country.

路 ensuring that our children have safe places to play, learn and grow.

路 ensuring that our elderly are cared for with dignity and respect.

路 ensuring that we are making smart and savvy financial decisions.

路 making sure we are taking care of our mind, body and spirit.

路 making sure that we are leaving the next generation with something to build on.

路 AND, using our nursing and leadership skills to build lasting legacies.

As you start focusing on your potential, please remember that what God has given to our people cannot be suffocated nor muted. It is up to you to take advantage of the amazing opportunity, we as health professionals and leaders, have to stand up for what is right, just and necessary. The potential is there, but you will have to develop and nurture it. The seed has already been planted within the depths of your soul. If you never tap into your potential, then you never discover what God has instilled into you and our very livelihood depends upon it.

Now tap into your potential and go be great!!!

Originally posted September 24, 2018 on https://drlawsonnp.com

Alvionna Brewster

MSN-Ed, RN. RN since 2005. CEO of Black Nurse Entrepreneurs & ABundant Seeds Health Solutions. Two-time author. Educator. International Speaker. Consultant.


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