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Nursing educators are identified as the key factor in preparing nurses to meet the healthcare needs of the United States population. The issue is recognized and recruitment is well underway but the issue is not improving.The background of the problem stems from the lack of preparedness of newly hired nurse educators.Newly hired nurse educators report feeling insecure and isolated in their role as nursing educators during their first few years of educating (McDermid, Peters, Jackson, & Daly, 2012; Penn, Wilson, & Rosseter, 2008).Many novice educators are clinical experts with no formal preparation as educators.They are supported in on the job training, learning through trial and error and peer advice. Nursing education provides the foundation for patient care and the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students learn should reflect what is required of them in the clinical setting (Murphy, Scott & Mandel, 1996).Nurse educators must instill and promote inter-professionalism, collaboration, and life-long learning skills within a nursing student.


If you’ve been ready to try teaching, accessing education as a part time educator is a great way to learn more about the role and contribute to future nurses.

What Will I Learn?

  • Students will gain the following after the course:
  • * learn the need for part time nurse educators
  • *roles & responsibilities of PT nurse educators
  • * learn national/global images

Topics for this course

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Adjunct debunked: taking the myths/mystery from part-time teaching?

Before we talk about the national or local issues impacting the need for PT nurse educators, we need to identify what we've heard about PT teaching vs. what PT nurse educators are stating about the role.
Need for nurse instructors
What is the role and responsibilities of the nurse educator?
A day in the life of a nurse educator
Benefits and Challenges of the adjunct nurse instructor
How do I start the process to being a nurse instructor
Before we begin…

About the instructor

Sandra Cleveland

Ph. D, RN, CPT

Sandra D. Cleveland, PhD, RN, CPT is a nurse educator and entrepreneur. As CEO of Tribe Consulting, LLC, she mentors health professionals through personal and professional enhancement and helps nurses help each other through the power of connection. Dr. Sandra is also CEO of Dr. Sandra's DNP Coach and is a Certified Nurse Educator.  Dr. Sandra lives in Michigan and is a wife, mom, educator, entrepreneur, and sports and fitness buff. Visit: Dr. Sandra's DNP Coach: www.drsandradnpcoach.com and Tribe Consulting www.tribeconsultingllc.com        
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