Tameka McKneely, LLC; 4zero Consulting, LLC

Tameka McKneely, LLC; 4zero Consulting, LLC
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Tameka McKneely
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I am also Multi-Passionate, I have several businesses. My main lane is compliance.
I help women and minority business owners gain access to millions by ensuring they have foundationally sound and compliant businesses set up so they can compete in the funding, corporate and government workspaces. This is more than having an LLC and EIN, it also includes DUNS, professional email address, minority certifications, etc. I believe in order to be treated like a business we must LOOK LIKE A BUSINESS.

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1431 Greenway Dr.
Ste 800
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I have worked with Tameka for many years on several projects. She is smart, Godly and multi-talented. I highly recommend anyone that interested in connecting with her to do so ASAP. You won't regret it.

Alvionna Brewster | April 28, 2020

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