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Shakespeare Avenue

Shakespeare Avenue

Genres: Humor & Entertainment, Romance
Publication Year: 2005
ASIN: 1420857487
ISBN: 9781463499068
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About the Book

“Unda mi nose” is a popular Jamaican phrase and was the last place Sandy expected to find love, or anything else for that matter. And so she lived her life searching in all wrong places often ending up hurt, lost and alone. Ten years later and scarred with tons of physical and mental baggage she winds up right where she started. Like all the other roads she had trodden her body was saying yes and her head was cautioning her to be careful. Question is: Is she prepared to look unda her nose and if and when she does will she keep it unda her nose?

About the Author
Mimsie Mendez

Mimsie Mendez grew up in Mendez Town, a small farming community named after her great grandparents and known for its “yellow yams”. The small community is located in Central Jamaica in a parish widely known as the “cockpit country” due to to its hilly terrain and tall mountains. Trelawny is also the parsish of World Reknowned Athlete Ussain Bolt.

Very early in life she started reading, often by using a kerosene lamp she likes to say and has continued since. Her very first books were her mothers “Mills and Boon” romance novels. She would often hide under the bed for hours and read the books without her mothers knowledge and to keep from doing chores. Growing up she was known for writing stories, plays and poems.

Growing up in the church it wasn’t unusual for her to woo people with her plays, poetry and songs of inspiration. Her first publication was for her school yearbook in her senior year of high school. She then migrated to the city of Kingston, Jamaica where she started freelancing for various newspapers and radio stations including “The Gleaner”, Star and Irie FM.

Today she lives in Augusta, GA

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