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Permission to Thrive: 7 Effective Steps to Coping With Kidney Disease

Permission to Thrive: 7 Effective Steps to Coping With Kidney Disease

$7.99eBook: $4.99
Genres: Consulting, Inspirational, Nursing
Publication Year: 2021
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About the Book

Permission to Thrive is written by a nurse thriving with kidney disease for over 30 years. Written for people living with kidney disease, the book aims to begin or improve their coping skills. Permission to Thrive is suitable for any illness or chronic condition.

About the Author
April McGraw, BSN, RN, CNN

April founded IKARE Renal Solutions, LLC in 2019. She helps women with kidney disease by providing the tools for them to survive and thrive. The services she provides are facilitated by a framework to empower clients, and enable them to cope and advocate for themselves. While thriving with Lupus and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) herself, her company iKARE Renal Solutions, also provides professional consulting as a SME and education to other healthcare providers. As a resident of Hampton Roads, Virginia, April is happily married. She and her husband Johnny, have two adult children, and three grandchildren.

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