Medical Cannabis Dosing Reference Guide

Medical Cannabis Dosing Reference Guide

About the Book

Doing Basics and Methods of Consumption of Medical Cannabis

Achieving optimal results for Medical Cannabis Consumers is multi-faceted.  Each interaction with nursing and health professionals that provide care for them requires and is enhanced by caring, knowledge and best practice.  This guide supports that role with evidence based knowledge that can be used to facilitate an effective, consumer guided approach to treatment with medical cannabis.  *This guide is for educational purposes only and does not take the place of professional medical guidance by health providers.


About the Author
Tiffany Nichols MSN-Ed, RN, CPC

Tiffany Nichols currently resides in North Carolina and has a son, KeSean and hopes to leave in part a legacy of intelligent caring. Tiffany also credits her grandparents Lawson and Mary Jane Nichols with instilling a lifetime of caring values and motivation to "do good" and "work hard."

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