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How To Focus On Your Health & Wellness: A 30-Day Guide For Women Entrepreneurs

How To Focus On Your Health & Wellness: A 30-Day Guide For Women Entrepreneurs

eBook: $13.00
About the Book

This download ready and easy to follow e-book is a tool created just for women entrepreneurs that will help kickstart, as well as strengthen you on journey to true health & wellness. In addition to receiving access to reputable resources and health & wellness tips based on Santisha’s healthcare expertise, not only as a Registered Nurse but as a Certified Wellness Coach, you will also receive guidance on how to successfully manage issues women in business often face. Santisha believes a major part of being successful in any endeavor is operating from a strong foundation and frequent application of workable tools. This e-book provides information that can be used daily as step by step guidance and support is offered to assist you in achieving your health and wellness goals and living your very best life.

About the Author
Santisha Walker, MSN, RN, CWC

Santisha Walker is a Nurse Inspirationalist who empowers nurses to dream big and get about the business of acquiring their dreams. She is a firm believer in living outside of the box, as often times nurses are expected to only practice within the realm of society's expectations. Being a Registered Nurse for 7 years, Santisha has had the privilege of gaining experience in various settings, such as cardiovascular, neurology, long term care, assisted living, and home care. Obtaining her MSN in Nursing Administration has afforded her the opportunity to operate as a nurse leader within healthcare organizations, as well as, her own companies, Walker Group Health & Wellness and Walker Group Nurse Staffing. Santisha is passionate about witnessing others win and believes life is meant to be experienced, not just lived. She sets her intentions to inspire with every interaction and portray empowerment within her work.

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