Called2Care: Discover 8 Ways To turn your Health career into a Profitable Business

Called2Care: Discover 8 Ways To turn your Health career into a Profitable Business

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Genres: Business & Finance, Education & Teaching
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798603060774
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About the Book


  • Do you want to start a business but know which business is right for you?
  • Want a business you can easily start without huge investment?
  • Do you believe that you are called to care?

This is the book that will help you get started. This book is for dedicated health care professionals who are also aspiring entrepreneurs that are passionate about helping others and want to earn their worth through Entrepreneurship.  If you are a dedicated health care worker, and you love the satisfaction that comes from helping those who can’t help themselves and you cherish the opportunity to change lives but want something more for your life; this is for you!  This book will introduce you to different business opportunities in health care industry that you can easily start.My Believe is that “There is nothing as great as a business that rewards both your heart and your wallet” – Jane NK Nwanne

This book will show you 8 easy great business ideas suitable for Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurse, Physical therapists, occupational therapist, Certified nursing assistants and any aspiring entrepreneur who wants the opportunity to grow wealth with their own business.  Get your Copy Now, and get a copy for Anyone you know could benefit from this book.

About the Author
Jane NK Nwanne, GNA, CNA, CMT

Jane NK Nwanne has authored multiple books as a well-recognized expert in the assisted living industry. Like her readers, Jane shares a heart for helping others. And, like her readers, Jane believes that there is a way to merge your passion and your profession. With Her books she shows you how.

Stop wondering what could be. And find out how to make your dreams come true. You don't have to be an experienced business mogul to learn how you, too, can operate a successful business.
Jane aims to bring people and their passions together, into a profitable, life-giving career in the healthcare business industry.

In her most recent book Best-selling book Heartwork, Jane has developed a simple instructional guide for others who share her passion, so that they, too, can turn their passion into a lifelong, profitable and meaningful career.

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