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5 Step Nurse Staffing Agency Business Formation Manual

5 Step Nurse Staffing Agency Business Formation Manual

$49.99eBook: $17.99
Genre: Entrepreneurship
Publication Year: 2021
ASIN: 1637283733
ISBN: 9781637283738
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About the Book

From Resource Nurse Staffing – Research and Development Company comes an effective nurse staffing agency formation manual with an add-on checklist to help entrepreneurs start their own business. “The Nurse Staffing Agency: Business Formation and Operation Manual” is a two-phase process established to guide any individual desiring to dive into entrepreneurship as a nurse staffing agency owner. This helpful reference offers easy-to-read, easy-to-comprehend step-by-step from start (creating the business entity) to operation (managing staff, contracts, and payroll) guidelines with third party resources (for individuals who thrive for convenience and have little time) ready and available to assist nurse staffing agency owners. Phase two of the manual- “Nurse Staffing Agency Business Formation Checklist” ensures every nurse agency entrepreneur is on the right track. So often, when engaged in self-paced projects, entrepreneurs become distracted. This helpful, convenient tool guarantees no step is overlooked even if the entrepreneur decides to take a little break.



About the Author
Jacqueline Morris

Resource Nurse Staffing-Research and Development Company (RNS-RD) is comprised of a team of nurses with over thirty years’ experience in vastly different specialty areas in health care: business, research, clinical and managed care, to name a few. RNS-RD seeks to empower clinicians from all areas of health care to dominate and take charge of their career through collaboration and entrepreneurship. RNS-RD is not a consulting firm. RNS-RD offers easy- to-read, easy-to-comprehend step-by-step DIY guidelines on how to start and operate a profitable, manageable nurse staffing agency. Why DIY? DIY guidelines are economical and drive the business owners to learn the process. According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 percent of US small businesses fail within the first year. By the end of their fifth year, roughly 50 percent have faltered. This is partly because new business owners are not studying and taking the time to truly learn their market.

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